Oleg Vinnyk

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Oleg Vinnyk


If you briefly ask information about Oleg Vinnik, the biography will tell us the following - this is a modern singer and artist, born in the Cherkasy region in 1973 on July 31st. It is known that he independently writes lyrics for Ukrainian and Russian-language musical compositions. He is considered popular not only in his homeland, but also in many European countries, as he played the leading roles in fairly well-known musicals.

In a village called “Chervoniy Kut” the boy received his secondary education. He actively participated in various art projects, sang and tried to play the electric guitar. From childhood he felt that he wanted to become a musician. After receiving secondary education, Oleg enters the Kanev School, after graduating from which he enters the Philharmonic.

At the onset of twenty years of age, the young man becomes a vocalist of the folk choir in Cherkassy. As a singer, Oleg Vinnik performs his songs exclusively live, “for me to sing live, it’s fundamental, ” the singer himself said. It's quite pleasant to listen to Oleg Vinnik's songs.

In terms of acting, the following should be said:

According to the cultural exchange program, the man is training in Germany. While he is undergoing an internship, the Luxembourg Theater invites him to climb his career ladder, working for them. He was required to play certain parts in operas and operettas. But Oleg's career does not end there. He has been studying in Hamburg for two years. It is overseen by a vocal instructor named John Lehman. Vinnik also begins to be interested in the musical genre. The artist played different roles, but the main role was played in the musical Les Miserables. Then Oleg was already thirty years old, and he managed to become Jean Valjean. This is a character who was 46 years old at the beginning of the show and turned 80 years old by the end. The next in-demand role was the role of the Black Prince.

2011 was remembered for the artist by the fact that Vinnik began to carefully pursue a solo career, began giving solo performances, after which he finally decided that he wanted to move to Ukraine. If he stayed in Germany, it was in order to record new musical compositions there, since the equipment there was professional.

By the way, all the tracks included in his collections were written by him with his own hand. After he spent several years in Ukraine, Oleg became even more popular and famous. The number of his fans and admirers has only increased. If we take all the songs together, the most popular was the composition "Happiness".

In the winter of 2011, the release of the collection "Angel" took place. A year later, the presentation of two more collections "Roksolana" and "Happiness".

Five years later, the track "Nino" took first place in the hit parade on the radio station "Russian Radio".

In 2017, he was one of twenty-five Ukrainian stars who were awarded the Music Platform Prize.

The singer does not like to talk about his personal life, but in 2005 he nevertheless admitted that he is married and that he is the father of a son.